B&W Flower

While downtown yesterday evening, I saw a bush full of these flowers.  I am not sure what they are, but the bush had white on one side and pink ones on the other.  It was far too windy to photograph them then, so I waited it out for a better time.  This morning I woke up to virtually no wind, so I grabbed the camera and ran out for a shot.  This is a white version of the flower, and the way it was nested in the shadow screamed black and white to me.  I mounted my 105mm macro lens, set my composition and then locked it down on the tripod.  Took a few shots at a couple of different apertures, using Live View to check my depth of field.

Water Tower

There were rain clouds rolling through the area off and on all day Friday.  As sunset approached, there was another bank of clouds to the north moving towards town.  I grabbed the camera and headed to the lake, looking for some shots.  The lake proved to not be the better view of the clouds, as they were past it by the time I got down there.  But when I turned and looked at the water tower, the clouds were bearing towards it.  I setup the tripod, used the 24-105 and captured the following images.  The first, was at 24mm, and shortly before, the second was 80mm.