Ethiopian Opal

Val may have found her new favorite gemstone today.  While out about, we stopped at Crazy Days at Ken Kay Thompson Jewelry and Val saw her first Ethiopian Opal.  While it has some similar characteristics to Australian Opal, it has a translucence to it that allows the color to shimmer and move as light passes through the stone.

Milky Way Over Kitchi Lake

The evening of July 29th presented an extremely clear evening, cool air and 2 meteor showers coming from the east.  A friend of mine has a resort on Kitchi Lake east of Bemidji.  From the resorts point of view, the Milky Way passes directly over the lake, aligning with the docks shortly after midnight.  She was kind enough to let me shut the lights off they have near the shore to eliminate light pollution and try my hand at a new location for astrophotography.  

Aerial Photos

While I have had a drone for a few years, and taken several images with it, the camera on it was not the greatest.  Last week I upgraded to a new drone and have been out a handful of times to get used to the controller and flying it.  Here are a few images from those shoots.

Bemidji Fireworks

This year, Val and I decided to take in the fireworks over Lake Bemidji from the walking bridge near 1st St SE.  The fireworks are launched from a barge in the lake near Paul and Babe.  What we didn’t realize was that this would put the fireworks exploding over the top of the Double Tree Hotel.  This worked as a good foreground for the fireworks.