The nice weather from last night rolled into today.  We headed over to Knutson Dam near Pennington, as I had heard the Pelicans were there.  There was a cluster of them hanging around the rocks used as a break way for the boat launch, and small groups of them flying or swimming around the area.  Below are a few images taken.

Clear night

Last night was a great evening.  The weather was comfortable, the mosquitoes have not hatched yet and it was perfectly clear.  I originally intended to go out and shoot the Milky Way.  I did not find a location that presented an interesting foreground closer to Bemidji and ended up at Itasca State Park.  

Casual Photo of Val

A couple of weeks ago, Val and I spent the weekend in Duluth.  While I was getting the camera gear prepped, she was sitting on the chair next to window watching people outside.  While not normally one to get in front of the camera, she sat for a few images.  The light was great, and this is a very natural pose.  One of my favorite images I have ever seen of her.

March Trip to North Shore

The end of March marks the resurgence of photography for me.  The cold, short days give way as spring tries to take hold and daylight savings brings later sunrises.  I try to take advantage of this for a chance at sunrise photographs from the MN North Shore, being I am 2.5-3 hours away depending on where I want to be.

Last month, I decided to start at Split Rock Lighthouse and work my way towards Duluth.  Sunrise was supposed to be clear, but thankfully some remnant clouds were to the north east, and the sunrise kicked off some great colors.