La Salle Recreation Area

The weather around sunset was crystal clear, and the weather forecasts for the night were clear until 2am-3am, where the clouds and possible rain were to move in.  Being the moon set was so early in the evening, I decided to take a shot at Milky Way images at La Salle Recreation area.  Unfortunately, by the time it started to line up where I wanted it, the clouds moved in, 2 hours earlier than predicted.  I did take a few images, and did some light painting of the foreground.  Below are the results.

Neowise over Shevlin, MN

The Neowise Comet was at it brightest point this week, but closer to the horizon.  This meant that getting a good view of it meant later times, and later after dark.  I kept trying to find something I could use as the foreground, and during a drive west on HW2 last week, I found something that may work.  The image below is of an old church (no longer in use) in Shevlin, MN right on HW2.  I thought the orientation, doors to the south, and the street light to the left of the building made it a prime candidate.  I would be able to expose for the sky, and let the street light illuminate the building.  What I was not anticipating was an operating light on the side door on the right side of the image.  This made me modify my composition, looking to keep it from dominating the scene. 

Trail MN Sunset

As we were driving over to find a spot for viewing the fireworks, the clouds began to break creating an amazing display of sun rays.  Shortly after, we arrived at our viewing location next to a church.  I took the opportunity to put the drone in the air and take the photo below.

Couple of Images

I have continued to take photographs this past month.  I just didn’t get around to either processing or posting them.  Below are 2 from the past week or so.  The first is a profile of a showy lady slipper.  These flowers seemed to be blooming in mass this year.  Where I would see a small bunch in previous years, were rows and rows of bunches, some pushing over 20 individual flowers.  Finding isolated ones was far more difficult that in the past, so I took advantage of this one which was at the back of a small bunch of around 5.  The second is the fishing pier at Lasalle Recreation area about 20 miles SE of Bemidji.  It was a nice, calm morning the other day when I went out for sunrise.  I took a chance at an HDR Panoramic image.  This was created from a series of 5 compositions and 5 shot brackets.