Trail MN Sunset

As we were driving over to find a spot for viewing the fireworks, the clouds began to break creating an amazing display of sun rays.  Shortly after, we arrived at our viewing location next to a church.  I took the opportunity to put the drone in the air and take the photo below.

Couple of Images

I have continued to take photographs this past month.  I just didn’t get around to either processing or posting them.  Below are 2 from the past week or so.  The first is a profile of a showy lady slipper.  These flowers seemed to be blooming in mass this year.  Where I would see a small bunch in previous years, were rows and rows of bunches, some pushing over 20 individual flowers.  Finding isolated ones was far more difficult that in the past, so I took advantage of this one which was at the back of a small bunch of around 5.  The second is the fishing pier at Lasalle Recreation area about 20 miles SE of Bemidji.  It was a nice, calm morning the other day when I went out for sunrise.  I took a chance at an HDR Panoramic image.  This was created from a series of 5 compositions and 5 shot brackets.


I went out this morning for sunrise images, but it was a clear sky with very little color for it.  I ended up making my way to Knutson Dam on Cass Lake.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I could see the Pelicans had returned, by the dozens.  Unfortunately, on my first trip out, the longest lens I had with me was 200mm.  I was able to slowly approach the flock and make a number of images.  The first 2 below are from that trip.  Later in the day, Val and I took Cleo out as well and I took the longer lens this time, taking the remaining images below.

Backyard Birds

Working from home this past few weeks has offered up something I am not used to…windows.  My desk has windows on 2 sides.  One of them faces a tree that we have a feeder hanging from.  We get a variety of birds this time of year.  Over the past couple of days, we have seen a few that have hung around.  I setup a tripod/camera next to the window and have been able to make a few images as time allows and the birds are on the tree and feeder.  Below is a small assortment of images.