March Trip to North Shore

The end of March marks the resurgence of photography for me.  The cold, short days give way as spring tries to take hold and daylight savings brings later sunrises.  I try to take advantage of this for a chance at sunrise photographs from the MN North Shore, being I am 2.5-3 hours away depending on where I want to be.

Last month, I decided to start at Split Rock Lighthouse and work my way towards Duluth.  Sunrise was supposed to be clear, but thankfully some remnant clouds were to the north east, and the sunrise kicked off some great colors.



Val and Her Moped

Val volunteered to get in front of the camera.  She doesn’t do that often, so I have to take advantage of it when I can.  I decided to take a some images of her and her moped.  I also figured it would be a good time to try outdoor flash photos again.  

#Only in Minnesota Sign

The #OnlyinMN sign made its way to Paul and Babe last week for a short stay in front of the statues.  It has been entertaining watching people interacting and posing for photos as I have been downtown or driving by.  I made my way down last Thursday after dark for some photos of my own lit up along with Paul and Babe.  I actually spent more time taking pictures of groups of people using their cell phones than taking my own.  I took the obligatory cliché image, and tried looking for some different angles.

Cloud Covered Milky Way

The new moon is upon us, which means prime astro-photography opportunities.  I checked the weather as the sun faded under the horizon and decided to take a drive to Itasca State Park, as it is the darkest sky near me , to see if I could photograph the Milky Way.  The best time to see it was just after Midnight for roughly 2 hours before the center also fell to the horizon.  I arrived around 11:40 in order to have time to setup my gear and begin shooting.  Things were looking great until about 12:30am, when wispy clouds started showing in my 2 minute exposures. By 12:45 a cloud bank had blocked the entire Milky Way.

Family Farm

Next year will be the Centennial for my In-Law’s Family Farm.  Val has been thinking of planning a celebration next year.  We went over on Saturday for her Dad’s birthday, so I thought I should take the drone with me and see if I could get some good photographs of the Farm from an uncommon view.