First Black Car

I have photographed a number of cars, in varying colors, but have never taken a crack at a black car.  Photographing cars in general can have a certain level of difficulty due to the reflective nature of the paint, so you have to be aware of where everything is in relation to the camera to avoid those reflections.  But with black you add the extra considerations with exposure and how easy it can be to blend the the car into the background. 

This was my first attempt at photographing a black car, and I decided to try and do it using only natural light, and I didn’t help myself by trying to do it around sunset.  Knowing this would not be the only time I would have to photograph this car, I figured it would help me with learn what I need to do, and where flash might help me out in future shoots.

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Wabasha Bridge

While staying in Wabasha last week, my wife and I walked around downtown.  The town has some interesting architecture, and standing above the rest of the town is the Wabasha-Nelson Bridge. The bridge crosses the Mississippi River and connects Wabasha, MN to Nelson, WI.

As we were walking, the sun broke under the cloud cover, lighting the bridge in a warm glow.  As I was looking for an angle at the bridge, the pattern of the braces under the bridge caught my attention, so I attached my telephoto lens and locked the camera down on the tripod.

Below are 2 images, the first being the pattern from the braces, the second being the bridge itself.

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Canal Park Lighthouse

My wife and I were in Duluth for a concert last weekend.  This provided an opportunity for a photo I have tried to make a couple of times, but the weather never agreed, and clouds, fog or rain prevented.  I knew this time of year the sun would rise into a position that it would appear to sit atop the Canal Park lighthouse.  I used an application called The Photographer’s Ephemeris and found the general area I needed to be to capture the image.

Monday morning, the skies were clear, and I was able to capture the image below.

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A Couple from Beartooth Pass

I was in Montana for my cousin’s wedding last weekend, and decided to make use of the trip to get over towards Yellowstone for a couple of days after the wedding.  It was mentioned to me that I might want to make my way through Beartooth Pass if at all possible, as it was supposed to be one of the best roads out there.  I can attest to this, as the drive not only provides some stunning views, it was the most enjoyable drive I have ever done.  If you are not one for curves, heights and enjoy a technical drive, it may not be for you…but I fully understand why there were so many motorcycles and sports cars on the road with me…as it was pure fun.

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