Old Car City

While in the Atlanta area last month, I took the quick trip to Old Car City in White, GA, about 45 minutes from my hotel.  They claim to have over 4500 American, pre-1975 cars, and after visiting I would believe it.  I was not sure what to expect with a place called Old Car City, but it was a blast to shoot.  I would definitely recommend a stop if you are in the Atlanta area.  Since I was somewhat limited on time, I mainly found myself shooting badges and front ends of these aging relics.

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Railway Museum

I was in the Atlanta area last week for training.  While I was there I hit a few museums, one of which was the Southeast Railway Museum.  I have always loved trains, and this museum has a collection of rail cars and other vehicles, like buses, classic taxi’s…etc.  They allow access to many of the rail cars and photography.  One of the more interesting ones was an old Post Office Car.

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Split Rock Lighting

A few weeks back I made my way to Split Rock Lighthouse for the annual lighting.  It takes place every year on November 10th at sunset.  This is the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

I have made it over to this a few times, trying different spots along the shore each time.  This year, I tried to get closer to lighthouse and use some of the rocks in the water as my foreground.  The lake was higher than I anticipated, so I ended up further to the left of the lighthouse than I was hoping.

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Cathedral of St. Paul

While in the Twin Cities this weekend, my wife and I stopped into the Cathedral of St. Paul.  It is a magnificent building, both inside and out.  While the church does not mind photography, they do not allow tripods without a permit.  I decided against the tripod and went in handheld.

With the range of brightness in the room, I opted to shoot for HDR.  But being I was going handheld, I knew I could only pull 3 shots with faster shutter speeds, hoping to minimize my movement between exposures.  After using the spot meter on my camera, for the shadows and highlights, I found a 1.5 stop difference between the exposures would be sufficient to get the exposures needed in 3 shots.  I knew I would have to use these 3 to process for more exposures to get the results I wanted.  If I did use the tripod, I would have gone for a minimum of 5 exposures, but probably upwards of 9 to cover my bases.

I ended up with 5 processed images, and moved them to HDR Efex for HDR processing.  Below is the result:

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