I decided to head out for some sunset show earlier this week.  The clouds were pretty thick until about 30 minutes before sunset, when they started to breakup quickly.  This shot was taken facing the north, about 15 minutes after the sun had fully set.  The color didn’t last very long, just a brief few minutes.

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My wife has her childhood rosary wrapped around and hanging from the lamp sitting on the nightstand.  On Sunday morning, she was up before me and when I woke up, this was the first thing I saw.  I reached over and turned on the lamp, lighting the rosary and base of the lamp nicely.  The light falloff was nice, as it let the background (a shelf in the corner) slip into darkness.  I grabbed the camera and took a quick shot, seen below.

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History Center

A couple of nights ago I went out looking for some shots.  I ended up down by the local History Center.  I actually went there to try my hand at a timelapse of the sunset on a Veterans Memorial Statue there.  Although the timelapse didn’t work out as I planned, the way the streetlights fell on the History Center caught my attention.  The sun had set 40 minutes earlier, so the building was primarily lit by the streetlights in the parking lot.

Knowing I was going to have a wide dynamic range, I shot 5 images, 1 stop apart, intending on processing as an HDR.  I used Nik HDR Efex 2 to process the HDR, then pulled the image into Photoshop for some cleanup.  I also took the chance to try out a new plugin from Topaz Labs called Clarity to work the micro contrast, masked to just effect the building itself.  Below is the final image.

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Frosty Trees

Last weekend we had a pretty dense fog form overnight, which produced some frosty trees the following morning.  The fog burned off quickly due to the clouds breaking and the temps to warm up quickly.  I was able to get out and shoot some before the frost melted off of the trees.  This image was taken in the park area behind Paul and Babe.

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I have started to look at other things to photograph after tinkering with the water droplets I tried last week.  Over the weekend, I decided to try my hand at smoke trails.  We picked up some incense sticks, as they leave a good trail of smoke, making it a good option to photograph.  I took some time this evening to take a crack at it.

I setup a small table, a stand to hold the black cloth for the backdrop and a single off camera hot shoe flash and proceeded to do some test shots.  The big problem I had at first was focus, with the smoke moving around and me shooting with a macro lens, I was not getting a sharp image.  I decided to focus on the incense stick, close down to a smaller aperture and turn up the flash power, which was still only at 1/16 power due to it being so close to the subject and zoomed in to 50mm.  Below are some results of my first shot at it.

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