Water drops

With winter in full swing, I tend to not be outside much…I am not a fan of the cold, and there has not been many chances for decent shooting since the days are so short.  I started digging around the web for some ideas to shoot indoors during the short cold days of winter.  I ended up taking a crack at photographing water drops.  I have learned quite a bit from the first couple of times I have tried it.  Below are a few images from today’s attempt.

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I went out in the early morning a couple of weeks ago with the intent of photographing the foggy sunrise.  Unfortunately, the fog was too thick for any color to work way through. I decided to just take a walk around downtown and see what I could capture.

On one of the side street I was able to photograph theirs building number.  It was the lines that caught my attention and caused me to stop.  Once I started to look for the composition I tried to accentuate the texture.

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I gave my wife flowers the other day for our anniversary.  One of them was a peach colored rose.  Whenever I get her flowers, I try to take some photographs, as they make good subjects and give me a chance to play with different light and techniques.

Helicon Focus came up in a round of emails between some friends and I.  I figured this would be a good chance to test the software out, since they offer a 30 day free trial.  I downloaded it after I took the first round of images and tinkered with it a bit.  It is quite impressive.  I had heard of it before, but never thought I would use it.  After this I could see myself using it more than I originally thought.  I still need to try it out with some landscape images.

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There is some color left

Last Saturday was the World Wide Photowalk, and there was a walk in Bemidji this year.  We walked around the downtown area and had a good time chatting and photographing whatever caught our attention.  Down by the public library there was a tree that was still holding on to autumn, with bright orange leaves scattered amongst the dying brown.  With the cold snap and gusty winds we had earlier this month, I didn’t think there was much fall color left.

I was able to get low enough on the ground to shoot through the leaf towards the afternoon sun.  This caused the orange to really jump.  Below is the image I captured:

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View from Fifth Falls

My wife and I made a short trip to Gooseberry falls late last week.  We hiked up to Fifth Falls and then some of the Superior Hiking trail.  Gooseberry River, much like most of the rivers around MN, is running pretty low.  When we got to Fifth Falls, I found the best view to be when I looked away from the falls, and down the low river.  I setup the tripod on an overlook, with the falls dropping not too far from my right side.

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Lake Bemidji Sunrise

Last weekend I decided to get up early and see if the fog would kick up on the lake.  The weather was supposed to be mainly sunny, and I was hoping the fog could create some interesting light.  The fog started to form, but the sun rose just as quickly, keeping it over the lake.

The following shot was taken behind Paul and Babe as the sun just completely cleared the horizon.

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