Frosty Trees

Last weekend we had a pretty dense fog form overnight, which produced some frosty trees the following morning.  The fog burned off quickly due to the clouds breaking and the temps to warm up quickly.  I was able to get out and shoot some before the frost melted off of the trees.  This image was taken in the park area behind Paul and Babe.

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I have started to look at other things to photograph after tinkering with the water droplets I tried last week.  Over the weekend, I decided to try my hand at smoke trails.  We picked up some incense sticks, as they leave a good trail of smoke, making it a good option to photograph.  I took some time this evening to take a crack at it.

I setup a small table, a stand to hold the black cloth for the backdrop and a single off camera hot shoe flash and proceeded to do some test shots.  The big problem I had at first was focus, with the smoke moving around and me shooting with a macro lens, I was not getting a sharp image.  I decided to focus on the incense stick, close down to a smaller aperture and turn up the flash power, which was still only at 1/16 power due to it being so close to the subject and zoomed in to 50mm.  Below are some results of my first shot at it.

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Water drops

With winter in full swing, I tend to not be outside much…I am not a fan of the cold, and there has not been many chances for decent shooting since the days are so short.  I started digging around the web for some ideas to shoot indoors during the short cold days of winter.  I ended up taking a crack at photographing water drops.  I have learned quite a bit from the first couple of times I have tried it.  Below are a few images from today’s attempt.

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I went out in the early morning a couple of weeks ago with the intent of photographing the foggy sunrise.  Unfortunately, the fog was too thick for any color to work way through. I decided to just take a walk around downtown and see what I could capture.

On one of the side street I was able to photograph theirs building number.  It was the lines that caught my attention and caused me to stop.  Once I started to look for the composition I tried to accentuate the texture.

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I gave my wife flowers the other day for our anniversary.  One of them was a peach colored rose.  Whenever I get her flowers, I try to take some photographs, as they make good subjects and give me a chance to play with different light and techniques.

Helicon Focus came up in a round of emails between some friends and I.  I figured this would be a good chance to test the software out, since they offer a 30 day free trial.  I downloaded it after I took the first round of images and tinkered with it a bit.  It is quite impressive.  I had heard of it before, but never thought I would use it.  After this I could see myself using it more than I originally thought.  I still need to try it out with some landscape images.

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There is some color left

Last Saturday was the World Wide Photowalk, and there was a walk in Bemidji this year.  We walked around the downtown area and had a good time chatting and photographing whatever caught our attention.  Down by the public library there was a tree that was still holding on to autumn, with bright orange leaves scattered amongst the dying brown.  With the cold snap and gusty winds we had earlier this month, I didn’t think there was much fall color left.

I was able to get low enough on the ground to shoot through the leaf towards the afternoon sun.  This caused the orange to really jump.  Below is the image I captured:

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