View from Fifth Falls

My wife and I made a short trip to Gooseberry falls late last week.  We hiked up to Fifth Falls and then some of the Superior Hiking trail.  Gooseberry River, much like most of the rivers around MN, is running pretty low.  When we got to Fifth Falls, I found the best view to be when I looked away from the falls, and down the low river.  I setup the tripod on an overlook, with the falls dropping not too far from my right side.

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Lake Bemidji Sunrise

Last weekend I decided to get up early and see if the fog would kick up on the lake.  The weather was supposed to be mainly sunny, and I was hoping the fog could create some interesting light.  The fog started to form, but the sun rose just as quickly, keeping it over the lake.

The following shot was taken behind Paul and Babe as the sun just completely cleared the horizon.

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New Bridge in Bemidji

The new pedestrian bridge over Paul Bunyan Drive in town finally opened the other day.  I wasn’t able to get out and photograph on it until this morning.  I knew where the sunrise would be in relation to the bridge, and was hoping the clouds wouldn’t be a problem.  I was a little worried about them when I got out there, as they were thick, and looked like they could break into rain.  Fortunately, they never did, and there was enough of a break on the horizon for the sun to peek through for about 30 minutes.

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