Lake Bemidji

We had some odd weather today.  It was sunny for a short time, then we would get a heavy snow shower for a short time, then back to sunny.  It happened on and off all day.

I was hoping that the on again, off again weather would help turn out a colorful sunset.  I made my way down to the lake about an hour before sunset and setup for a shot.  The clouds never made it near the sun, but the sunset was really red.

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Foggy Trees

When I woke up this morning, I noticed the thick fog.  I decided on my way to work to stop down by the lake and see if the sun would work for some shots of the fish houses on the lake.  Unfortunately, the fog was too thick.

What I did notice was this row of trees lining the edge of the lake along Library Park to Diamond Point Park.  The fog caused the trees to disappear in the white.

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