A different perspective on Palisade Head

One of my favorite places has to be Palisade Head.  A 300+ foot rock face on the MN North Shore along Lake Superior.  Anytime I am nearby, I have to make my way to the top and take in the view.  I headed over that way for sunrise photos earlier this week, and while the sunrise was pretty bland color wise, I walked up the path to the top once again.  This time, I took along a drone, so I was able to get a shot at the shore line from an angle I never could before.

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Grandpa’s Woodwork

My grandfather passed away recently. His greatest craft/hobby was woodworking.  From functional items like tables, cabinets, beds and other furniture, decorative items like vases, cups and teapots all the way to toys like Jeeps and trucks for his grandchildren, he spent much of his time working with his hands creating beautiful pieces from blocks of wood, with his loyal shop cat always nearby.

His memory will live on with each person that has one of these finely crafted pieces of artwork and craftsmanship.  Through the hours and love that he poured into each item throughout their creation and giving, he will not be forgotten.

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